Where is your money invested?

All savings are invested with a plurality of Swiss banks. Swiss banks are subject to oversight by FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, and apply the highest standards in handling the assets entrusted to them. A large selection of investment solutions from reputed banks, asset managers and product providers maximise diversification to minimise investment risks.

About the distribution formula

What governance bodies protect your capital?

Our quality and process management, as well as our internal control system (ICS) which is regularly audited by a FINMA-certified auditing firm, reduce business risks while increasing reliability. These are supplemented by the "Finnova" banking software, which we installed in 2020 and have been using since. Moreover, all Liberty Foundations undergo an annual audit conducted by an auditor accredited with the Swiss Federal Audit Oversight Authority. Balmer-Etienne AG is one of the larger fiduciary and auditing firms in Switzerland with extensive experience in auditing second and third pillar benefit institutions.

What about bankruptcy risks?

Spreading your retirement assets over different banks serves to reduce the bankruptcy risk because you can take advantage of the state-guaranteed bankruptcy privilege of CHF 100,000 more than once. Your potential risk of default or loss as an individual account-holder is therefore significantly lower.

Who protects your personal data?

Liberty has outsourced its entire information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure to Econis AG, a renowned provider certified by Finma. The latter configures and monitors our ICT infrastructure and operates a closed data network with two data centres in separate locations in Switzerland. Econis AG meets the high technical and security standards for financial service providers and is in compliance with the IT security outsourcing regulations of the Swiss Federal Banking Commission.