Use Compare Invest to make the best investment choices for your pension assets

Are you interested in second and third-pillar investment products? Visit Compare Invest, Switzerland’s only independent comparison platform, for an overview of the investment products of all relevant Swiss banks, insurers, asset managers, investment foundations and mutual fund providers. While banks tend to promote their own retail funds, we offer a broad spectrum of funds from the best-known providers at advantageous TER costs. Use the comparison function to make the best and most appropriate choices.

This is how it works: select the second or third pillar, make a risk check and determine your investor profile. Select an investment category, compare the investment products, create a virtual portfolio, and save it. You can now log in at your convenience and observe how your virtual portfolio develops over time compared with the benchmark index.

Why Compare invest? It is the only neutral platform for second and third pillar investment products which displays objective comparative performance and pricing data. Transparent and free of charge.

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Your advantages

The only comparison platform for the second and third pillars

Independent and transparent

Low TER costs

Freely accessible

Discover the whole investment universe

Would you like to compare second and third-pillar investment products? Visit Compare Invest, an independent comparison platform, for objective data on performance and pricing. Decide your investment profile and make a corresponding selection of products from first-rate providers. Compare how your virtual portfolio performs over time against the benchmark index.

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