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Liberty BVG Collective Foundation

Liberty BVG Collective Foundation is a semi-autonomous collective foundation based in Schwyz. We insure SMEs in all sectors and their employees against the economic consequences of retirement, death, and disability. Death and disability risks are reinsured. Retirement savings capital is conservatively managed in an investment pool geared to realising stable returns over a long-term horizon. The Foundation is subject to supervision by the competent regulatory authority for foundations and BVG/LPP occupational benefit institutions and is listed in its register.

Your advantages

No minimum premium

Flexible main plans and management plans

Association solutions (AHV/AVS) for self-employed professionals

Extensive expertise in the pension field

Board of Trustees / Management

Donald Desax

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Thomas Löpfe

Member of the Board of Trustees

Renato Mologni

Member of the Board of Trustees

Alessandro Rizzi

Vice President of the Board of Trustees

Christian Diener

Member of the Board of Trustees

Barbara Bienek

Chief Executive Officer