Lealta Vested Benefits Foundation

Lealta Vested Benefit Foundation offers the possibility of depositing pension assets on a vested benefits account and investing them as required. Once you reach normal retirement age, you may withdraw your retirement savings capital. In that case, you will be taxed once. Therefore, it makes sense to have two separate vested benefit accounts: one with Lealta, the other with Liberty. By subdividing the withdrawals into two smaller, separate amounts, you can generally reduce the tax progression rate. 

Your advantages

Possible splitting of vested pension benefits

Maximum equities content 85%

Large selection of investment options

Online services

Board of Trustees / Management

Josef Dittli

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Donald Desax

Deputy Chair/Vice President

Dr. iur. Stefano Beros

Member of the Board of Trustees

Stephan Hegner

Member of the Board of Trustees

Beat Stalder

Member of the Board of Trustees

Oliver Bienek

Chief Executive Officer