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Liberty Vested Benefits Foundation

Established in 2005, Liberty Foundation for Vested Pension Benefits is an independent foundation based in Schwyz. It is specialised in the management and administration of vested pension benefits.

Liberty offers holders of vested benefit accounts or policies the possibility of investing their portable benefits or occupational benefit securities deposits in a tax-friendly environment at attractive conditions.

The Foundation is subject to supervision by the competent regulatory authority for foundations and BVG/LPP occupational benefit institutions and is listed in its register. 

Your advantages

Maximum equities content 85%

Large selection of investment options

Well-diversified account solutions with depositor protection up to CHF 100,000

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Board of Trustees / Management

Josef Dittli

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Donald Desax

Deputy Chair/Vice President

Dr. iur. Stefano Beros

Member of the Board of Trustees

Stephan Hegner

Member of the Board of Trustees

Beat Stalder

Member of the Board of Trustees

Oliver Bienek

Chief Executive Officer