An association solution creating added value

Many businesses need services to relieve their administrative workload and improve their financial security, and which are transparently priced. The Swiss Association of Entrepreneurs, independent both politically and economically, defends the economic interests of self-employed entrepreneurs and liberal professionals, with and without employees. Founded in 2014, the Association offers its members a diversified range of services.

The Association grants its members access to transparent, customised services. All its services are geared to promoting the economic success and financial security of its member entrepreneurs. The Association seeks to identify trends in management best practices and financial security at an early stage and convert them into practical proposals.

The Swiss Association of Entrepreneurs offers targeted support and solutions for self-employed entrepreneurs operating in the following fields:

  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Management Consulting
  • Construction
  • Finance

The Association has established a network of highly qualified professionals and companies reputed for their competence and motivation.

Your advantages

Administrative relief for occupational benefits

Attractive offers and preferential conditions

Diversified training programme

Access to a broad network of professionals

The Association solution for self-employed professionals

Do you need services to relieve your administrative workload and improve your financial security and which are transparently priced? Are you looking for solutions in the medical, legal, consultancy, construction, or financial fields? Then the Swiss Association of Entrepreneurs is just right for you! The Association offers its members access to tailor-made services with fully transparent pricing.

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