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An additional, private retirement savings plan is important. An AHV/AVS (1st pillar) pension in addition to a BVG/LPP (2nd pillar) pension are unlikely to enable most retirees to maintain their customary standard of living. At the same time, pensions will decline even further due to low interest rates eroding the return on capital even further. Moreover, given rising life expectancy, the return on capital is distributed over an ever-larger number of pensioners. Calculations by the OECD show, that a 22 year-old today will only receive about 45% of their last earned income, instead of the targeted 60%, when they retire. If you want to have sufficient income for your retirement, you must make private provisions and invest into a private third pillar retirement savings plan.  In so doing, you can benefit immediately, because you can deduct the contributions paid in from your taxable income *.

There are several reasons why a Liberty 3a retirement savings solution in the form of a fixed-rate account or a securities deposit may be of interest to you:

  • you require a high level of security
  • you are looking to save for retirement while optimising taxation
  • you wish to invest in securities at a low cost
  • you are planning on leaving Switzerland permanently
  • you are becoming self-employed

Your needs and your security are central for us. In particular, the security of the 3a pension assets entrusted to us enjoys the highest priority. Therefore, your savings are held with selected banks in accordance with strict legal requirements and guidelines.  By distributing assets amoung various banks, we ensure broad diversification. This significantly reduces the risk of default or loss for individual account-holders, since you can benefit from the maximum bankruptcy guarantee of CHF CD_J_Konkursprivileg_EN several times.

The current distribution of the savings capital is published here on a quarterly basis for information purposes.

In addition to interest-bearing accounts and an attractive tax environment in Schwyz, Liberty also offers personal service. Our range of services lets us accommodate your individual needs.

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Liberty Invest opens up many investment opportunities

Through Liberty Invest, our 3a retirement savings foundation offers many options to invest your retirement assets with attractive conditions. Our independence allows us to work with numerous banks, fund providers and investment foundations, free of conflicts of interest, to offer you the best possible solution. You benefit from conditions that are only available to institutional investors elsewhere. This has a positive effect on performance and increases your return.

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3a retirement savings products for financial security after retirement

We are one of Switzerland’s leading full-service providers of occupational and private pensions. As an independent pension provider with an open modular architecture, Liberty offers a wide range of innovative and individual second- and third-pillar services and products. With our 3a solutions, you build up capital today for tomorrow.

All savings are invested with a plurality of Swiss banks. Swiss banks are subject to oversight by FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, and apply the highest standards in handling the assets entrusted to them. A large selection of investment solutions from reputed banks, asset managers and product providers maximise diversification to minimise investment risks.

Savings capital of Liberty Foundation for 3a Retirement Savings is invested as follows:

per 31.12.2023