Liberty is your partner for your pension fund

If you have decided to reorganise your pension business, outsource your pension fund or vested benefits institution and pillar 3a foundation, Liberty can offer you a variety of arrangements – tailor-made for your needs.

We offer a choice of two different options for mandatory and extra-mandatory occupational benefits institutions: a merger or an asset transfer. Both options involve an implementation or restructuring process in accordance with the Federal Merger Act, where Liberty then takes over pension assets and operations under the contractually agreed upon migration.

In the case of vested benefit or pillar 3a foundations, a simple transfer is the other option. This option does not require the involvement of regulatory authorities and is quicker. Here too, there are two variants: depending on the agreement, pension assets are transferred to Liberty and their existing custodian bank, or Liberty takes over the custodian bank relationship. Each variant results in a difference in regards to negative interest rates and access to assets. 

Both solutions benefit from white labelling and keeping a  significant portion of the value-added chain in yourinstitution. Most importantly,  retrocessions are no longer incurred.

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