Comprehensive BVG basiccoverage

Liberty offers solutions for basic occupational benefits coverage. As part of these solutions, benefits can be customised and extended far beyond the statutory minimum. This enables companies to select the target benefits for their employees from a broad range.

For joint-stock and limited liability companies, employing persons is subject to mandatory BVG coverage. Employees are subject to the mandatory BVG coverage when their salary reaches or exceeds the minimum threshold of CHF CD_J_BVG_Basis_Lohnsumme_EN (status CD_J_BVG_Basis_Stand).

The provision of occupational benefits may be organised within a comprehensive benefits solution. A benefits solution qualifies as comprehensive when both the mandatory and the extra-mandatory benefits are covered in an overall solution.


Enveloping pension solution

max. insurable salary according to BVG

up to



max. creditable BVG salary




occupational benefit plan

max. creditable BVG salary




./. BVG coordination deduction




max. coordinated BVG salary




min. coordinated BVG salary




BVG entry threshold




BVG Compulsory
occupational benefit plan









AHV / IV State
pension scheme
AHV annual salary

Why Liberty?

Flexible, customised BVG basic plans

No minimum premium

Attractive risk premiums

Multilingual English - German -  French - Italian

Our focus: Your needs

  • Modular system: plan your benefits and retirement credits individually and determine the financing within the scope of the statutory limits. Our advisors are on hand to assist you.
  • Employer online portal: report your changes online and maintain an overview. Anytime, anywhere.
  • Service: book an online appointment for any inquiries or support. The same applies to your employees. Whether by phone or video call: we are there for you

We would be happy to assist you in choosing the best solution for your company!

What is the best solution?

Sole proprietorship with employees / without employees

Liberty offers attractive and customised pension solutions to sole proprietorships with employees who are required to provide BVG coverage for annual salaries exceeding CHF CD_J_BVG_Basis_Lohnsumme_EN (status CD_J_BVG_Basis_Stand).

Self-employed professionals without employees in the medical, legal, financial, consulting and construction fields can optimise their protection against the financial consequences of retirement, death and disability through our attractive association solution.

Find out more about the associative solution

Joint-stock or LLC

For joint-stock and limited liability companies with employees subject to mandatory BVG coverage, the provision of occupational benefits is compulsory. In accordance with the BVG, employees must be insured from a threshold salary of CHF CD_J_BVG_Basis_Lohnsumme_EN (status CD_J_BVG_Basis_Stand).

Company founders

Founders of legal entities can find freely selectable pension solutions for a wide range of needs at Liberty. You can affiliate your company with the joint solution of Liberty BVG Collective Foundation and choose the basic plan for example.

Read more about the BVG Collective Foundation